World Crisis is a scalable simulation experience that focuses on Social Studies topics (geography, economics and government) from an international perspective providing exposure to geopolitics and the global economic interdependency of countries. Simulation sessions can be held within a single classroom for a single day to over several class periods or as large conferences with dozens of schools participating. Simulations can based in fictitious settings for greater flexibility or based on real-world events. Target participation is 7th to 12th grade students.

Students will be responsible to their assigned country during a global geopolitical/economic crisis. They may participate as a country-team of up to eight students or individually. Each student-represented country will have a predetermined motive to influence and guide their decisions and an objective which they will try to accomplish by the end of the simulation activity.

During the simulation experience, simulated news briefs are provided to inform student country-teams on the state of the world by reporting on the unfolding crisis. At the middle school level, in-game country advisors will provide guidance to students to ensure country-teams have proper perspective in terms of how the issues/crisis affect their country. Student country-team will determine their courses of action and through several game turns, work towards accomplishing their objectives in relation to the issues/crisis at hand. Many countries will have competing objectives to encourage country-teams to coordinate and/or discuss/negotiate the issues.

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